Friday, August 23, 2013

Faith of a Mustard Seed 8/23/13

     I feel a little like Sarah and Abraham right now.  You see, the Lord also spoke to me in the spring.  I'm not as close to Him as I should be and I seem to never be quiet enough to hear Him.  It is really no wonder that he had to wait until I sitting on the toilet doing the deed to whisper to me, "You will be with child this time next year."  Did I just say that?  Where did that come from?  Really Lord?  I am training for the barkley right now and you want me to think about a kid?  I kind of like my life right now.  I have found a nice little hobby and met some great friends.  I have so many goals set for me this year.  And, um, in case you haven't noticed Lord, Pat and I are not really spring chickens.   And did I mention I am training for barkley?
     And so that is how it started.  I put that out of my mind and the months have flown by and I only thought of it a couple of times, but not really seriously.  That was not until I got the UTI.  It was almost 3 weeks and not getting any better.  I thought that if I started, then it would change the pH or something down there and help me out.  I went to the doctor and they started me on antibiotics.  A seven day course and over a week later and still no relief.  I went to my family doctor for relief and with one other question.  As the weeks began to pass, I would tell Pat, "one week- that's no big deal."  "Two weeks- well, the UTI may be the cause."  "Three weeks late- um, I'll ask the doc when I go on Tuesday."
     Tuesday came and the doc come in, "Well kiddo (this cracks me up because he is probably not even 10 years older than me and calls me kiddo, but I adore him and so does Pat).....well kiddo, are you ready to expand your family."  And like that, the words I didn't think I'd ever hear was spoken.  I had to bite my cheek to keep from busting out in a big cheesy smile.  I tried to listen to him explain about how best to treat the UTI and then questioned him about my meds I take and my running.  No more Advair or Ibuprofen or Claritin for me.  The meds approved, I can't take Tylenol or Sudafed.  He did say I could take my emergency inhaler- so that is good.  And he also said I could run, even with the UTI.  Just to go with how I feel (some days are better than others I am finding.)
     I called Pat and broke the news to him.  We were both were already thinking we were, but now it was confirmed.  We called and texted the many family members.  Then when I started getting a headache and he started getting tired, we posted it on Facebook (welcome to the 21st century I guess).
     It wasn't expected.  We had already settled that our family would be made up of four legs.  We had found a great running circle and met some terrific friends.  Something we could see ourselves doing into our golden years.  Not that we still won't be able too, but life is about to change around Quarry Line Road.  (I woke up the other night chastising myself for taking the lights down off of the roof.  What if I can't get up there to hang them for our Christmas party in December?  A girl has her priorities at 3 in the morning on the toilet peeing.)  We also had put it out of our heads because we are slowly creeping up in age.  Of course, Pat more so than I.  I have had all the talks with my mother and friends of why we weren't having kids.  Pat should be retiring.  He'll be 75 when the kid graduates.  (I've already teased him that I will have to take his license away as the kid is getting his.)  It is not fair to him.  We have had all of the practical discussions of why having a kid at our age is not the smart thing to do.  Or probably the right thing to do for the kid.  But apparently, the Lord knows more than us and He thinks it is exactly the right time.
     Now as we have had to change our way of thinking, we couldn't agree with Him more.  It is the right time for us and both of us could not be more excited, even if it seems we are not (we aren't the gushy type and I am not even a baby person!).  I use to worry about our ages and the kid losing a parent at an early age and how unfair it would be for the kid.  I am 38 and my dad is gone.  My step mom lost her mom at 16.  Life is not fair and parents or children pass on before they are suppose too.  All we can do is love the child while God has gifted him to us, for however long that should be.  I am sure it will also be strange for Pat's kids to have a new younger sibling, but my sister was born the year I graduated.  Twenty years ago.  Such as life....
     My blog is usually about my adventures that Pat lets me take.  So forgive me, but I felt I should post about the little adventure Pat and I are getting ready to go on.  We will not be finding out the sex of the baby.  All we care about is having a healthy baby- that is our prayer.  If that should not be the case, we will still enjoy the wonderful journey we are embarking on.
     I re read the story of Abraham and Sarah the other night when I awoke and could not go back to sleep.  The Lord told her she would become pregnant and she laughed at him because of their age.  And along came Isaac.  I feel a lot like Sarah and Abraham right now.  I praise Him for His blessings upon us and for allowing us to have one of his children for however long that will be.