Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Trains, no Planes, and one Big Bird September 28, 2010

  Since I am off of work early on Tuesdays, my hubby and I have been trying to go around and sight see.  We decided on French Lick, Indiana for this week.  Mainly with our sights on a train ride on the French Lick Scenic Railway.  We arrived with about 15 minutes to spare before loading.  We entered
into the Indiana Railway Museum to purchase our tickets ("Thank you AAA discount!") and just
enough time to buy a drink and some popcorn.  There were 3 cars to choose from, so we hopped aboard the last car and settled in for our trip.  I finished off the box of popcorn before the whistle blew.
Oops, and I barely shared. 
In no time, we were headed on our way and our tickets were punched.  First up was the Spring Valley HS, who just won their eighth consecutive gold rating and a trip to regional (congrats!).  The trip was only 10 miles one way but would take about two hours.  We passed Larry Bird's boyhood home, but the tour guide was a little behind and we passed before I could get a pic.  It looked like a house, a gray one.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  : ) 
Then we preceded through part of the Hoosier National Forest.  We passed some skeletons and more Halloween stuff since they also have a Haunted Train ride (& a Polar express in December). 
 We passed a log home that had been updated with the exception of the outhouse.  We also went through the second longest train tunnel in Indiana.  I believe he said it was 1/2 mile long.  Then we came to our destination, Cuzco, Indiana.  We were able to step off the train and go 
into the little store.  They were selling ice cream sundaes, which was soft serve in a cup and some chocolate, caramel, or hot fudge squirted on- no toppings.  But the soft serve tasted kind of like snow cream...mmmmmm.   We boarded the train and headed back to the station.  Back to where there was a
farmer's market just setting up with
fresh baked apple pies, cookies, and pineapple upside down cake.  Yep, we partook of each one.  Next up in French Lick was the West Baden Springs Hotel.  Very plush and probably will never stay at, but fun to check out.  The
grounds reminded us of a miniature
Biltmore Estate, bu the atrium inside was something else.  It spanned 200 feet and the rooms rise in six tiers around the dome, and balcony rooms provide a panoramic view of the atrium.  Very cool.  Reminded me of Roman times.  We did not visit the French Lick resort, but did get to
 visit the Bear Hollow Show room that we were denied when we visited Tell City a few weeks ago.  It is worth stopping in to see this place- these guys are good!   I can't even whittle with a knife, let alone a chain saw.  You better take some pocket change though- not cheap.  I did buy me a little pig that oinks.  : )
Next up, we went to 33 Brick Street to grab a bite to eat.  Upon entering, I figured we had a pretty good chance of getting some fine tasting grub.  It was a tastefully decorated sports bar with its famous hometown boy's memorabilia hanging up.  Pat ordered a burger and I opted for a cod sandwich.  We both decided to try their "brick chips".  Burger good, cod was more batter than fish, and the chips were definitely bricks.  Not a complete strike out, but not great either. 
 Of course, the trip wasn't complete without a visit to hang with Jake and Elwood.  Pat only wishes he could be the third Blues Brother.  Camos are not as cool as suits though. ; ) 

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