Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Practice in Patience November 14, 2010



 My bud, Dany, and I headed to Camp Crooked Creek for an orienteering Score-O.  This time we had her two sons, Sawyer and Finn, with us- a first for them.  Hoping to introduce them to the sport and crossing fingers that they might like it also.  Since it was a score-o, we could go any direction that we wanted and just try to get as many control points as possible.  There were 27.  We knew we wouldn't clear the course.  Our main objective was for the boys to have fun.  We started out pretty good getting a few quick check points- which is always good when you are introducing newbies to the sport.  Soon enough though, we began to run into trouble.  We had trouble finding a checkpoint and the hills began to take their tow.  Also, snack pains started.  We decided to stop and have some jerky, hoping the boys would get some energy back.  We headed off toward another checkpoint, but before we could reach it, Finn and Sawyer were in a scramble over punching first.  A tussle broke out which ended with Finn, the younger, on the ground.  Dany and I were both too far away to see exactly what happened, but boys will always be boys.  Problem was, Finn decided to be a very stubborn boy.  He sat down in the woods and would not get up.  Dany was finally able to cajol him into getting up and we lasted a little farther until he sat down again.  This went on for quite sometime, with us even going out of eyesight and finding ourselves a nice big boulder to sit on.  Eventually, Finn did join us and we were able to leave the woods.  We even picked a couple of more checkpoints in the woods.  We truned our finger sticks in and headed to Cracker Barrel for some much needed grub.  We were out there for 2 hours 38 minutes and punched 17 CP's.  So not too bad, but not sure if the boys will ever return. 

Waiting for Finn
Bagging a CP

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