Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Day of Fun and even some Sun! January 29, 2011

Mary Jo
 Headed to Iroquois Park today to meet up w/ my buds; Mary Jo, Dany, Finn, and the Wilson family.  Although being in the Army and ROTC respectively, this was Dale and Matthew's first time at an orienteering meet.  Poor Kim was dragged along.  ; )
  For January, the sunny and 50 degrees was a rare treat.  After all, last year's meet was in freezing rain.  We chose the green course basically because they had enough maps for us all.  I didn't want us
just walking on trails, but the red course was still a little out of our
reach.  (Turns out the green course suited us just fine.)
  We started and quickly headed off to control point (CP) 1.  Somehow it seemed, we already got a little turned around and it took
Kim & Dale


us a little over 7 minutes to find it.  We quickly got back on track and found the cp2 in 11 minutes.  This is where the wheels fell off sort of speak and only 2 cps into it.  Somehow we really overshot for cp 3.  We came out on the lower road instead of the higher road we were aiming for.  Then we began trying to figure out for sure where we were, we started separating.  Dale, Kim, and Matthew took off up a trail and Mary, Jo, Dany, Finn, and I headed up the road.  I thought I knew where we were, but wasn't completely sure.  So we went up the road, down the road, back up, then down again, until finally we decided to re trace our steps.  That's when we lost Dany and Finn.  (Boys being boys- he was hungry!)  Mary Jo and I continued on until we did come out on the upper road and figured out where we were at and where we needed to head, but getting to cp 3 was a little tricky.  How they got that picnic table down in that area, I will never know!  When we arrived, the Wilson family was already there.  It had taken us around 42 minutes to find that lousy cp!  We had figured they were long gone, but seems they had problems too.  Dany and Finn also caught up and we headed back out again with a better grip on where we were at.  We did lose Dany and Finn again when we headed down a ravine for cp 4.  Since it I had invited the Wilson fam out, I felt I needed to stay with them and although I felt bad, Dany is that type of person that understands things.  I think they ended up going to cp5 and then calling it a day.  (we kept in contact by texting and she erased my fears about leaving them).  We soon found a rhythm after the initial 3cp's and were soon moving along well bagging cps 5-11 without much incident.  It had taken us about 1.5 hours to find the first 3 cps and only an hour to find the last 8.  The best thing was I think everyone had fun, even Kim.  The better thing was Dany, Finn, and I headed to Crack where I polished off all 3 of my pancakes (never done that before)!
    7        Kim Wilson                      OLOU OLOU                     2:29:36
    8        Matthew Wilson              OLOU OLOU                     2:29:38
    9        Shannon Burke                OLOU OLOU                     2:29:41
   10       Mary Jo Francis              OLOU OLOU                     2:29:44
   11       Dale Wilson                     OLOU OLOU                     2:29:45

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