Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dog Fight at RUTS 2012

  One of my favorite races of the year, or I should say my other family reunion.  That is what RUTS is like- getting to see family members that you haven't seen in a while and then getting to spend time, or laps, with them throughout the night.  Plus, this is the only race Pat does every year- trained or untrained.  We passed Stu and laz on the road and I called John to see if he had dinner yet.  We picked him up from the course and headed to Applebee's.  It was great to get to sit with John since he just returned from England and a little jaunt across the country.  I had seen most of his photos, but it was fun to watch them on his laptop while we ate.  We dropped John back off at the course and headed to check into our room to take a nap before the race.
We made it back to the race and picked up our bibs and set up our tent. Before long it was time to start. Pat and I stayed together and chatted with several friends as we passed or they passed us (Naresh, Joshua, Steve, laz, Stu, Diane, John, Chris, Tim, Kathey- see family reunion). The best thing about this year's event was the two front runners. A lot of times it is hard to tell who is leading because there is relay teams and they are rocketing past, but this year there was a dog fight. Chris- who we adore not only for his abs but he is one super nice  friendly guy and Matt- who just won our (co-RD) Bernheim Trail Marathon the weekend before RUTS and is also a super nice guy that lives about an hour from our home.  Pat and I were pulling for both of them all night long- we couldn't choose between them.  We encouraged both of them all night and was pulling for them both (Matt would eventually win by a 1/2 mile and set a new course record).  When I grow up- I want to be like these two guys!
 Pat was doing great all night long and had racked up the most miles ever for him with 25.  He was beginning to suffer some with some blisters and we discussed him continuing to get a marathon, but he ultimately decided he wanted to stop and let his first marathon actually be a marathon and not on a timed course.  I was happy with whatever he decided but really happy that he set a new PR this year for himself.  He retired to the truck and I grabbed my headphones and tried to get a few more miles in.  I have always tried to do a little better each year at this race but with Pat doing so many miles this year, I didn't have much time.  I needed 34 miles
and I had 25 miles with an hour and 50 minutes to get the remaining 9 miles. I tried but I just fell short. My biggest regret is not trying to get that last lap. Even if I timed out, it would have felt better than not trying at all (I thought I had already learned that lesson, but apparently not).  At 9:55:46, I had 34.5 miles. I headed down the track to try to get one more lap in and as I headed away from the finish line, I made the mistake of looking around the track. I reached the bus and I just stopped. I couldn't make myself go one more lap. More than likely I would not have made it, but I sure would like to know how close I would've come. Sigh....  
One lucky girl (and my hubby's taking the pic!)

Pat PR'd with 25 miles!!!

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