Saturday, July 23, 2011

0 for 2- Another DNF March 12, 2011

Around one on Friday, my momma and I headed to Grand Rivers, KY, for the Land Between the Lakes races.  I had signed up for the 50 miler 
(my second attempt at this distance) and she was going to visit an old pal from school.  Our trip was pretty uneventful and we made it to Patti's Inn in no time.  We met up with my co worker, Kim, and her husband, Dale- who was also running his first 50 miler.  Mom and I headed to pick up mine and Dale's race packets.  I chatted with the race director, Steve Durbin, for a few minutes before heading across the street to meet with my mom's friend's family and Dale & Kim at Patti's to eat.  We all walked around the shops for a little bit before heading back to the Inn.  I laid out all of my stuff for the next morning and went to bed. 
  The next morning, I woke up and tried to leave without waking my mom.  Her friend was going to pick her up later.  So I was going to drive Dale and myself to the race.  That way Kim had their car to drive to the race later.  Normally, I go to races alone and do not usually have a problem, but when I went out to my car there were some guys in the parking lot that gave me the heebie geebies.  I waited a few minutes for 
Dale, then decided I'd walk inside and see if he was in the lobby.  Few more stares from the creepsters when crossing the parking lot.   Thankfully, Dale was inside and we headed to the race.  We found where we needed to put our drop bags- my first time using a drop bag per se.  Then headed down to the starting line.Spoke with Steve again for a few minutes.  I was kind of looking around for another runner that I had met last year at a race and kept in contact with thru FB.  Funny thing was, while I was looking around for her, Debbie was standing right in front of me.  I didn't even recognize her.  lol  We had a good laugh
over that.      
  Soon after, the race begun.  We headed down the road for about 2 miles before turning onto the trail. The trail was an 11.3 mile loop.  For the 50 miler, I needed to do 4 loops then back on the road to the finish.  By the time we reached the trail head we had spread out some, but I still ending up behind a line of people and because I'm not particularly fast, I just settled in and waited until i could get a chance to go around.  It soon came at an aid station- they stopped, I kept going.  Finally, on my own and running my slow speed.  I felt pretty good.  No pains, quirks or anything.  I knew Debbie was up ahead of me she went around the runners when I hung back.  I eventually got around the loop and came out to where the drop bags were.  Debbie was there also.  I grabbed a few things out of my bag and then headed back out.  Trying not to lose anytime stopping.  Debbie eventually caught up to me and we settled into a good rhythm.  I told her this was my second attempt at a 50 miler (first one was an Owen Putnam State Forest).  She said I'd chosen a hard one.  What?!  I had thought this was a pretty good one for a first time.  I knew she had ran the JFK for her first but that was too far away from me.  Oh well, it didn't seem too bad and there was only 2 small hills that was giving me some trouble.  By the end of the second lap it was starting to get a little warmer and I was starting to get a little slower.  I stopped again at my drop bag and quickly made my way out for the third loop.  I began calculating how long I had before the cut off time.  I didn't think I was going to make it.  I was starting to get a blister on my foot (and I still wasn't sure what to do for them).  lol  I put a bandaid on it and kept going.  I had slowed down greatly and Dale caught up to us.  He was looking strong and hoping to make the cut off.  We headed up the last hill before the end of the loop when trouble for me hit.  i was already upset that I wasn't going to make the cut off and not finish my 50 mile race.  Then I began hyperventilating and ending up using my inhaler.  Debbie and Dale were behind me, so I tried to hide all the conflict going on in front of them.  I knew that I was done.  Even though the gentleman was going to let me keep going, I knew I was done.  He marked my bib as I finished the third loop and headed to the finish line.  Hobbling with the blistered foot and mad at myself.  Again.
   I crossed the finish line for the 60K at 8:32:16.  I did get a buckle but another DNF for a 50 miler.  My mom wasn't there yet because she expected me to come in later in the day.  So I walked in to look at the post race food but wasn't very hungry.  I got my drop bag and fresh clothes and got a ride from Kim and Dale down to the showers.  Dale also didn't finish his first 50 miler.  The race volunteer would not let him go through for his fourth lap.  By the time I had showered and changed, my mom arrived and we were ready to head home.
 I still need to keep training and also figure out what to do with            blisters. As far as the asthma, keeping calm would have helped but I think since it became a little warm in the day it affected me and my breathing.  I hope to go back next year and get the 50 miler.

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