Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Marathon Redux April 30, 2011

 My first marathon was the Derby Festival Marathon in Louisville, KY in 2009.  I had planned to do it again in 2010 but my husband having shoulder surgery put a stop to my plans.  So I was excited to see if I could improve on my time from 2009-  I barely made the cut off then.  I was looking forward to a rematch, that was until I found out they made some course changes.  So although, it wouldn't be the same course, it was still 26.2 miles for me to get through.
  I rode to the race with my co worker's husband, Dale.  My husband was going to pick me up after the race.  My stepson and his fiancee' was flying in from California today and we had plans for lunch after the race with them.
  The morning was beautiful and Dale and I lined up in our correct corrals.  Which I noticed many people weren't where they were suppose to be.  While waiting for the start, the balloon race was also going on.  The ballons dotted the morning sky.  Beautiful...
  My plan was to run for 30 minutes before switching to a 9/1 run/walk combination.  It went okay, but could've been better.
  I proceeded to walk longer periods.  Eventually I came upon the finish line.  I crossed at 5:10:57 (my chip time was 5:02:45).  So I beat 2009 by about an hour and I almost broke 5 hours.
New goal for next year!

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