Saturday, March 1, 2014

February RED FAM

  Due to being such a lazy bones, I decided to try to RED FAM the month of February.
RED FAM = Run Every Day For A Month
I figured 1, it is a short month, surely I could do that, and 2, I needed to kick start my training for this year.
  I started off really good for the first few days.  I woke up early and got my mile in, sometimes 2 or 2.5.  Then I was rushing to get ready for work.  Then on the 4th, I started to have some cramps and pain in the last part of my 3 mile run on the TM.  I only had 3 minutes left to finish, but I didn't sleep that well that night and it worried me.  I had just been to the doctor that day and found out that I was pregnant.  Again.  And although the doctor cleared me, after last fall, I was a little gun shy.
  No sweat though.  I just decided to do WED FAM and I would walk instead of run.  I was happy with that decision and for the next few days, I got up and barely got my walk in before rushing off to work again.  (What can I say, bed is my favorite place to hide in the cold winter time.)  However, on the 6th, I started having the bladder spasms that I was left with from the 2 month UTI I had in the fall.  Those things hurt like the dickens and I couldn't take my medicine for them due to the baby.  
  This is one time that I wish I was a guy.  Guys can walk around and hold onto their crotch and no one really thinks a thing about it.  You see a lady do that, and well, I'm not sure what people think.....but I really wanted to do that.  So on my birthday, the 7th, I caved and stopped.  The worst thing with the spasms was I decided I should cancel my hiking trip in Tennessee that weekend.  That crushed me more than quitting R/WED FAM.  
  I actually packed the bus and started down the road to go, but my pp hurt and I didn't see it getting any better the farther I drove or hiking in the mountains all weekend long.  So I turned around after a few tears and headed back home to sulk.
  By Saturday afternoon, the spasms had stopped, the back pain quit, and no nausea.  By Monday morning, I broke the news to Pat.  I didn't think the visit to the doctor on Tuesday was going to be good.  Everything had stopped hurting just like in the fall.  I spent the whole weekend waiting for Tuesday to arrive and for them to give us the bad news and to get it over with.  It really was a great birthday weekend!  Pffftttttttt....
  Tuesday finally arrived and we were seated in the US room and the tech was doing her thing, and I wishing she would hurry up so we can get out of there.  Then she tells us there it is.  Huh?  She even showed us the heartbeat.  Really?  Are you sure? guys were not expecting that were you?  Nope....
  So here I am, R/Wed FAM a failure, but so far the baby is fine.  Looking back I wonder if He was testing me to trust Him and the more I think about my relationship with God.  Well, I don't entirely trust Him.  I don't trust people easily, let alone a God I can't see or even prove He is there.  He knows that though and we are working on it.  Well, I am working harder at trusting Him and also believing that He knows what he is doing.  What can I say...I have my faults too.  
  I am 39 and Pat will be 59 in June.  We know what people are thinking about that part because we have thought it ourselves.  Pat should be retiring, not getting ready to raise a baby.  And I feel responsible for the burden that has now been placed in our laps and we have discussed it honestly and frankly.  We both have decided though that we either believe that I heard Him speak to me last March or I hear voices in my head with random thoughts that make no sense (which does happen, but that one was really, really random).  If it is true, then who are we to go against His will?
  I may not have many running adventures planned for this year, but I am looking forward to watching Pat complete some of his own.  He already finished the first leg of the Triple Crown and will run the second leg on March 8th.  His first 10K! And I am so excited to be able to have a reason to just stand at the finish line and support him.  It's gonna be a good year!

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