Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mish Mash Thoughts Driving Home From Wartrace

  I'm not a "baby" person.  Never have been.  Don't think they are cute.  Don't want to hold them.  I love it when they turn 2 years old.  Then the fun begins.  Now with that being said....I am excited about having our own baby, even if I don't think its cute.  ;)  It was something we had pushed out of our minds until last year.  Now it continues to push more towards reality and I am excited to begin that adventure.  However, I am definitely not one of the women that like being pregnant.  Don't get me wrong.  Once I get past the pressure of "Oh God, what if I screw this little human up and he is havoc on the world", I am truly amazed at what is taking place in my body.
  I am now 18 weeks along and happy to be out of the first trimester.  Which I was blessed, I never got sick, just nausea (that is still with me at times), but the fatigue was overwhelming.  I was so bummed because I was so lethargic and lazy.  I was so excited when energy began returning and I felt like running again, let alone rolling off of the couch!  I made a goal to REDFAM at least a mile during April (Run Every Day For A Month) and also started a 30 day challenge of exercises with coworkers mid-way thru April.  It has been wonderful.  The only nagging thing now is watching races being run and not entering them.
  I missed running in the Kentucky Derby and was going to go watch friends but became ill Friday night.  Thankfully, the Backside Trail Marathon needed volunteers and I offered to help.  The next best thing to running a race, is volunteering at one.  Being able to cheer runners on, offer them support, and chat with friends is such a fun way to spend a race and without the pressure of all the training needed to run the race.  (Okay, not that I am really that good at staying on the training wagon.  I have been more motivated being away from the sport.)  I was also super stoked that the RD, Troy Shellhammer, gave the volunteers free entry into next year's race and a shirt from this year's race.  That is huge to me.
  I hate to be that person that expects something when I volunteer, because I really don't.  If you volunteer, then you shouldn't expect anything but a "thanks for helping out".  Besides if you get paid, is it really volunteering?  BUT when someone, like an RD does give you something back, like free entry to a race it is such a nice gesture.  Especially to someone that is on a budget.  Its really nice for them to do that because to me it is saying that they recognize the my time is valuable and they appreciate the help.
     {Side story:  When I first started running and entering races, I signed up for a ton of races.  When the fall races rolled around, I realized I didn't have the gas money to drive to the races and I had to back out of two of them.  So now when I sign up for races, I keep in mind not just the cost of the race, but gas, food, and if I will need hotel money.  Gas money also plays a part when I offer to volunteer.}
  On the same hand, I hate to volunteer and not really being needed.  Nothing worse than giving up your time and sitting around feeling like it is being wasted.  I haven't had that happen very often, but it occasionally does.  I usually don't return to help.
  I was thrilled though this weekend to be able to go and "help" out at Strolling Jim.  I say "help" laughingly because at times I was incoherent from lack of sleep and also unable to multi-task.  Thankfully there was no timing issues and we did not need a back-up system {sheepishly- sorry Steve}.  I am really good at doing stuff in the background.  Put me behind the registration or aid station table and I'll work as hard as anyone.  Give me a bullhorn and I am going to look at you like a deer in the headlights.  Just do not like being in the spot light.   Thankfully, behind the registration and timing table is where I was put (and I handed the bullhorn to others when needed- sorry Steve).   I did have to leave my post and use the restroom more than I normally do (I can normally hike 7-8 hours in FHSP without stopping to potty- well, being with 3 guys and being too modest helps).  I did feel horrible because I had to bail before everything got put up.  I had been up since 1 am and dusk was approaching.  I knew I needed some food and a bed and I wanted to get on the road before the darkness enveloped (sorry again Steve and laz).  I hated bailing on them....
  I had such a wonderful time though and even got a shirt and a souvenir 10k medal for Pat (that's a whole other story).  I have always ran Steve & laz's races, but getting to help out with one of them was awesome.  Laz is just his usual fun self and Steve is just on top of everything.  Such a professional and always putting the runners getting their money;s worth first.  It was great to be a part of the race in that capacity.
  I hate using 'being pregnant' as an excuse of why I am not running, or mainly not entering races.  Being untrained has never deterred me before from entering (although it probably should says the 3 50 mile DNF's laughing back at me).  Now though, I have someone else to think about.  As I sat watching runners come in on Saturday, and even joked with Amiee that this would've been the year we could have beaten our nemesis's Carl and Case, I knew I was doing the right thing.  Watching the runners come in, some struggling from the heat.  I would've been one of them and I would hate to think that I was an unfit mother-to-be.  I know I made a good decision and I am really looking forward to June.  I have two races that I am signed up for in June:  Run Under the Stars 10 Hour and the Little 100.  Those races are 1/2 mile and 3 miles loop races.  Plenty of opportunity to bail out.  Nice safe races for me and Plaxico to participate in and enjoy the fun with others.  I also plan to volunteer at a night trail race at Otter Creek later this month and hopefully get to ride the course the first weekend of vol state to see my buds.
  So although I think being pregnant is for the birds and the bees, and especially don't look forward to people thinking they can rub my belly (and then doing so!!!), I'm excited that it is not keeping me from having different little adventures this year.  Just as when Plaxico is born...we will adjust, adapt, and adventure on.

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